Some Heavy Preppin’ Going On…

Some really heavy preppin’ going on…

  • We are filled to the brim with the gazillion AAA Tourbooks we scored at our local office… and if we find ourselves in need of starting a campfire, they’ll come in handy then too!
  • We’ve made lists… many of them.  Some lists actually have “make lists” on them.  Gotta cover all my bases.
  • We’re packing our light, airy, cotton clothing to combat what we hear is an intense and humid experience awaiting us in The South.
  • We’ve stocked up on bug repellent, sunscreen and water bottles- because those items have all come heavily advised by anyone I’ve spoken to who has ever stepped foot in this humid climate.
  • I’m about to brave the wireless store in order to update my current beauty, the iPhone 3GS.  And let it be known- the ONLY reason I have agreed to sacrifice myself to this vulturous environment, that which we call AT&T Wireless, is to secure a more reliable smart phone for this epic road trip.  (And I know Isaac won’t be disappointed with this advancement in technology!)

It’s funny, when this road trip idea first transpired I promised myself I would not over-plan the whole experience.  I guess I really didn’t allow myself to define “over-plan”, that way I could deliver on my promise by way of a technicality.  OK.  So there are a few aspects of the trip that I have purposefully left unplanned. There are no set itineraries, as far as activities go, and a few of the nights we have no hotel reservations.  We’re just gonna wing it.  That way we’re able to really see what we want to do and then go from there.  And I’m completely comfortable with this plan.  HA!  Plan.  (See what I mean?!?! Technicality.)

Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.   -Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway has a point- you’re far more  likely to restrain from strangling the person you’ve been stuck in a car with for 10 hours, if you love them.  Lucky for me, I’m only travelling with loved ones on this trip.  I’ll make sure to share this quote with them.  Often.

Follow along with us as we explore the U.S. this summer.  We’ll be updating this blog often and Isaac will have his own posts as well. Did I mention Isaac is beyond excited to add to his States Visited list?  He’s looking to become an All 50 Club member.

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One thought on “Some Heavy Preppin’ Going On…

  1. Loved the Hemingway quote, how true, how true! In my case in the list is bring Luke bucket for the kiddos. Is it a mom thing to “plan” the unplanned,?


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