Wisdom from the Road

Life on the road changes a person. With my arms raised to the sky, I profess right here and now that I am a changed woman from all this driving. “But how?” you may ask, “It’s only been a couple days!” To which I would reply, “Quit your doubtin’ and just go with it, dammit!”

When Isaac and I started this adventure, I had a good deal of naïveté working for me. My brain was incapable of taking into account the many challenges that would come with a cross-country road trip. Thank God! I never would have left home! And as I sit here today I still have no clue about many of the challenges that lie ahead. Again, thank God! See, I like to “be in control” more than I would have ever admitted before. And as we continue on our journeys I’m realizing what I thought I always knew- there’s very little we actually have any control over. I’m just now learning to be more comfortable with that hard truth.

Day 1 was the toughest. Drove 684 miles, from home to Salt Lake City, in 11 1/2 hours. Awesome speed limits really helped move things along.

Throughout Nevada I felt very tense and, I won’t lie, even thought “What the hell was I thinking taking this road trip?” (Think Anchorman… “Milk was a bad idea!”) But thankfully that began to subside as we hit new terrain and got closer to the Utah border. Somewhere along the barren Nevada landscape, my dad brought up the point of Utah being one hour ahead. What? I’m losing an hour straight outta the gates? Damn.
By the time we got to our Salt Lake City hotel, I was in no mood to be converted. The staff must’ve picked up on this since they quickly gave me my key and we parked the car. After a quick bite to eat, Isaac threw on his suit and we hit the pool. Ahhhh. Just what the doctor ordered. For the first time in over 13 hours, I felt myself relax. Isaac was having fun. We arrived to our destination safely. Yes, this was going to be a good trip after all!

Day 2 was a much more pleasant drive for me (especially internally). We drove 540 miles in just under 10 hours. We saw some amazing and gorgeous country! About an hour and 15 minutes after leaving the hotel we crossed the Utah-Wyoming border. We quickly realized fireworks are a hot item- a little pun intended.

20140707-083544-30944250.jpg And we’re not talking about the temporary shacks us Californians may be used to. We’re talking super-stores, outlets, mega-malls. It was a little crazy. One was named Pyro City. And Isaac was stoked!

As we drove further into the state we feasted our eyes on gorgeous green landscapes, colorful hills and some awesome bluffs. We were able to really see the allure of life in Wyoming. Let me clarify: I can really see the allure of non-winter life in Wyoming. Isaac, on the other hand, loves snow and is indifferent (at this point) to the idea of extreme winter conditions.

Along the highway there are these tall, angled wooden fences that are set up. Some are parallel to the highway, others perpendicular. My initial thought was that they were to deter wildlife. There placement seemed odd but it’s 92 degrees outside, what else could they be for? Well, when I brought this up to Oscar he quickly guessed they could be for snow drifts. And guess what? He was right.

In my defense, they didn’t look like that yesterday!

After crossing over the Continental Divide a few times, making a few pit stops (one of which was at a place called Little America), and keeping a fairly consistent speed of 77mph we crossed over into Colorado!

And arrived at our Airbnb house.

Isaac and I have the entire basement apartment to ourselves. After meeting the host, unpacking the car and zoning out to some pointless television we grabbed a quick dinner at SmashBurger, relaxed and then called it a night.

Since I now have a more updated phone, we’ve been able to do FaceTime with Oscar each night. That’s been an amazing gift and makes being apart for so long just a tad bit easier. Isaac even got to say hi to the dogs and see his room, which he said he misses.

As our journey continues I will remind myself to be present and try to see the world through Isaac’s eyes. When moments get tough I’ll remind myself how far I’ve come since beginning our trip, and I won’t only be talking about miles driven!

Feel free to text and call us along the way. And if you have an Instagram account you can follow us- search for me by my full name or c10adams. My account is set to private- send us a follow request and we’ll approve it shortly. (Isaac’s been managing the Instagram while I’ve been driving- what a kid!)

Ciao for now!

















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