We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

We left Colorado early Tuesday morning and headed for Missouri. Knowing we needed to make it to Nashville by Wednesday, we decided to drive as far east into Missouri as we could possibly handle. Our original plan was to stay in Kansas City, but after a quick conference we settled on Columbia, about 2 hours east. 20140709-015412-6852785.jpg
Day 4: After driving through Kansas I was left wondering “What the hell was Dorothy’s deal? I’d have gladly accepted a trip to Oz!” So after losing another hour, part of my mind, and $2.75 in road tolls, we made it through!

Crossing over into Missouri, the pessimist in me expected to see more Kansas-esque landscape. Boy was I wrong! At this point I can wholeheartedly proclaim Missouri to be my favorite state… as viewed from the interstate. It’s green and lush and pretty. The farmhouses and old working barns are gorgeous! And the Missouri River is a sight!


We made it into Columbia, MO, by 8:30pm. Just in time to enjoy a quick dinner and check into a hotel we scored via Priceline’s phone app.

After a quick bout of grumpiness, Isaac and I decided it best to call it a night and start anew in the morning. We were tired. We had had enough. We were done.

Day 5: After some much needed rest, we packed up and were back on the road by 10am. This day would be a big multi-state day for us: Missouri-Illinois-Kentucky-Tennessee. Yeah! It was also the first day we needed to end somewhere at a very specific time- my parents were flying into Nashville at 6pm and we were picking them up. Summary: we had 8 hours to make a 6 1/2 hour trip. We would have to use our stops wisely.



As we edged closer to St. Louis, I found myself drawn to the idea of visiting the Gateway Arch. My rationale: when am I ever going to make a special trip out here to see this landmark again? Isaac and I conferred. It was settled. We’d go.

So, with Isaac manning the stopwatch to carefully track our time, I listened to the GPS lady tell me how to get to the Gateway Arch… and I’ve never wanted to hit a woman so badly before in my entire life. She’s the worst! We circled around areas looking for nonexistent streets she wanted us to turn down. And then had to endure her incessant GPS ridicule as we “proceeded to the route”.

We were able to get a close enough and good enough look of the Arch. After driving around it a few times, and snapping some photos, Isaac and I decided good enough was fine by us.

That little debacle took us off course for approximately 20 minutes. Not too bad!

Crossing over into Illinois brought more green and lush interstate scenes. It also brought a visit to Superman’s hometown, Metropolis.


Can you tell we’ve been working out? Minutes after leaving Metropolis, we crossed the Ohio River and moved into Kentucky. (And for some strange reason I felt compelled to speak with an accent and talk about horses- Isaac’s a pal, and totally played along with/for me!)




It wasn’t too long before we crossed into Tennessee and made our way to the airport.


The GPS lady and the highway signs gave me 2 different routes to Nashville International Airport. Naturally I went the direction of the highways signs. And it all worked out beautifully. My parents’ flight landed just as we parked the car. Perfect timing! Now, for some good times in Nashville.


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