Nashville Nights

Oh, Nashville. Oh, beautiful, vibrant, honky-tonk Nashville.

After leaving the airport, and finding out my mom’s luggage took a short trip to Salt Lake City without her, we checked into our hotel and checked out this city’s skyline. Amazing! Then… I fell in love.

It was Nashville’s vibrancy, eclectic flair and undeniable energy that sealed the deal for me. We stayed downtown- I’d highly recommend doing the same for anyone thinking about visiting the city. We walked everywhere.  And found plenty to do within the boundaries of the downtown area.

We checked out the hoppin’ Broadway District.

We toured the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum.






We walked the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge- this is a must-do!  The views are awesome!  On one side of the river you have the downtown area and on the other side you can see the Titan’s stadium.  I can’t even tell you how many major league venues we’ve just happened upon.






Had we had more time, we would have explored Music Row and maybe the Grand Ole Opry House.  After 2 packed, honky-tonk nights in Nashville, it was time to hit the road again and head on down to Georgia.  This is definitely not the last time Nashville has seen me.  I want to bring Oscar back here- I know he’d just LOVE it!!!


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