Catching Up


So… we’re home now.  Have been for a while.  Then, why continue to update this blog space?  Well, because I really enjoyed writing… and because I want to.  There.  Good enough?  Ok, for the real reason(s)…

There was something sparked within me as we traveled and writing about it was even better.  There were definitely times I felt rushed to finish a post… I think that was obvious when it happened.  But what did I really expect would happen?  I’d churn out Thoreau-quality prose at midnight after a full day of driving and many hours spent convincing our 12-year old that the world, in fact, does not, nor should it, run on Apple iOS?  Exactly.

There was a lot I wanted to share about our trip.  I wrote when I could.  Many times opting to save an incomplete draft, promising myself I would get to it later, in order to catch a few more winks.  It was all worth it.  Writing encouraged me to be more present in our travels – to look at these new experiences with a greater, more true, sense of awe and appreciation (although there were some places – *cough* Atlanta *cough*- I never did learn to appreciate.  Ugg!  Just the worst.)

Isaac never really got into the posting thing as much as I had hoped he would.  Although he enjoyed writing and the idea of creating his presence on the worldwide web, he never really fell in love with the process.  I’m glad he wrote what he did – I think it encouraged him to reflect on his adventures and process these memories for recollection in years to come.


And that’s what really excites me – this little blog space has become a scrapbook, of sorts.  There are images and words chronicling our individual perspectives that could not be conveyed with the type of true emotion that is only present in the exact moment of, and the short period following, the experience.  I’m thankful for the documenting we did along the way.  I’m definitely not a consistent journal-keeper.  I find it hard to remember where I last left the damn thing (heaven help the person who finds my long-lost high school journal… sorry mom!)  But I do ALWAYS know where my laptop is resting.

So, after some deliberation, we’ve decided to keep going with this blog.  My hope is it will continue to inspire new adventures, spark creativity and continue to encourage us to remain present  in our experiences so that we may share them with you.  (Isaac will definitely continue to contribute – in one way or another!)


We’d like to send a hug and huge THANK YOU! to everyone who cheered us on and supported us through this crazy adventure.  Your calls, texts, emails and comments brought smiles to our faces, even after 12 hours being trapped in a car together and vigorously praying it would start raining Valium!  Y’all da best!



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