It started as our story of an epic summer road trip…

Meet Isaac- Some say he has superpowers.  He’s the strongest, funniest, most fun-loving kid around.  I dare anyone to challenge us on that.  Just look at those muscles!

superman isaac

This entire road trip came about from his wild hare idea of driving cross-country.  How can you say “No!” to that?  …Exactly my point. So began the epic summer road trip planning and the rest is history.  Literally.

Meet Christen- She has had to do alot of training to keep up with her superpower kid (in the true out-of-balance fashion she’s best known for, most of the training mistakenly was  focused on the lower extremities, making for some righteous thighs, calves and glutes!)

wonderwoman christen

So here we are, the summer road trip has come to an end, and we’re still scratching the travel bug bite.  What better way to relieve the itch than to keep scratching?  Am I right?!?!

Here you’ll find us speaking geographically: blogging about different adventures and sharing our experiences.  We’re a bunch of budget-conscious travelers looking for a good time…




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