And… We’re off

From the beginning to Salt Lake City was the longest and the hardest one of all. We stopped several times in order to reach our destination. After saying our goodbyes to Chico,CA we were off.

The first stop was Grass Valley, CA. After many more stops we reached the checkered flag for the night. We woke up early and started driving. Then again we stopped many times for food and bathroom.

Then we saw Denver. We stayed at a house we got on Airbnb. We just chilled the first night but the second we went adventuring to a cute town by the name of Golden, CO. We ate lunch there and then went to a candy/ice cream shop. They had a yum yum yummy ice cream flavor named fudge chocolate coconut. Then we went to Lookout Mountain near the Rocky Mountains. We took great pics and got to use one of the pay telescopes. We saw all the beautiful landscaping around us.



Then we went to the Red Rocks Amphitheater. We stayed and I ran up many stairs. We checked it out. It was very admirable. But then it rained. It smelled horrible. We ran to the car got in and left the place. That ended our day in Denver.